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HIIT, Cardio, Plyometrics, Strength Training

$13 per week!​

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Are you ready to get fit for summer? Come join the Curvy Girl Clique via online training. You will get workouts, weight loss resources and tips, suggested meal plans and nutrition counseling delivered to your inbox and via your membership in the Curvy Girl Clique Facebook page where we motivate and inspire each other. Most people know that weight loss has many benefits, including better health, increased energy, and the benefit of looking better in clothing and decreased weight. Who doesn't want that!


A personal trainer can take your goal and show you how to accomplish it through structured workouts and education about weight loss and fitness. Most people really get active and more motivated during this time of the year. So I challenge you to prove to yourself  that you're finally ready to meet your fitness goals. Curvy Girl Fitness can help you do just that. This economical plan includes weekly workouts, nutritional information, motivational tips, and 3 coaching calls for the low price of $13 per week! Ask a friend to join and you can workout together and share videos on our (your) page. If you're interested subscribe and enter your email address to get started. Aren't you ready to join the Curvy Girl Clique? Why wait? Email or call us today.